What is Love?

As I look up on the sky, a question suddenly popped up in my mind. While searching for an answer, something fell down in form of a shower. Does that happen to answer the question in my mind? Well, if that is, then what is the answer? What does that suppose to mean?


Love is happiness. It is being with him every time. Spending time with him makes everything special. He means a lot to me, he lights up my world in his own special ways. I can’t believe he can still do that even if I decided to leave him. But then, that happiness that we once had doesn’t last for a long time but as long as I treasure those moments. I knew that it will last forever, forever here in my heart.


 Love is smiling when you hear that person’s voice. I can still remember the times when we always had a phone call. I love his voice so much, the way he said those three words gives me so much happiness. But the fact that he can’t say those anymore kills me. I want him back, I want to hear his voice, and I want him to utter those three words again. Three words, eight letters say it again so that I can be yours again.


Love is pain; breaking his heart also breaks my heart. He hated me for doing that but I don’t hate him. I know that I deserve that. I caused him so much pain, but I know I did the right thing. Even if I wanted to tell him how much I love him I cannot. I wasted my time, I know I chose the right thing to do but it seems like I chose the wrong one. I want to ease this pain in my heart. I want to forget everything about him, but I love him so much that it pains my heart whenever I want to forget him. I want him to stay but I know he can’t do that. He really can’t.


Love is selfish; I want him to spend time with me, to focus his life with me alone. I want him again, I know that, that would be so selfish but heck is that Love? I love him so much that I don’t want to let go of him, but I have to because of some events that occurred in my life. I’m selfish, I know, because of him I closed my heart to someone else thinking that he’s the best person I could ever have. I hope that he’ll come back. Bogoshipoda, Saranghae. I want him to love me again but that cannot happen again. I feel sorry for myself because I can’t let him go.





Faith Hanna Mendoza 

April and May 2013



Waaaaah. Unfinished business ang drama ng essay ko. Paano ba naman kasi tooot. Hahaha. Nakaka walang gana kapag walang inspiration. Charot lang!!! J))) hehehe. Ayan para sa mga nang iwan 😀 yung essay na ito para nga pala kay EX to :DDD


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