Self-actualization (Xelfualizee)


4th period 11th grade

 Life Management

Essay: Write a paper about Maslow’s self-actualization


 A desire for fulfilment.

 Reaching our great potential.

To become something that we’re capable of.



 We all know that most of us want something reasonable to achieve. Something that will make us a well-defined person. Maslow’s belief on self-actualization gave us a guide on how we will achieve the great side of our well being that we didn’t know that’s in us in the first place.


To be realistic is one. In this world…





Oh crap, Ms. Jyles, I’m writing my real paper now. Enough with all the formality because my paper’s getting boring. I actually dozed off while I was writing this paper. No offence, but Maslow puts me to sleep. Come on! I know the guy’s great and all, being all smart on having to start this whole self-actualization thing. I did admire the dude, and just like him, I was trying to reach my full potential (whatever that is) by following such lame and straight rules.


 He said to be a self-actualized person, you have to be realistic. It’s easy for him to say that we need to be realistic on what we do in life. But seriously, do we even know what’s real and what’s not in this world? Maybe we are living in a parallel universe at the moment, would you even know if we’re being fair in life?


 Self-acceptance is another way to be self-actualized. Well, a lot of people try to accept who they are. When you think about it, how do you accept yourself anyway? By having a peace of mind and trying to put the fact that you lack social life in high school? Sorry but that’s pathetic.


 Our need of privacy also leads us to the right way. Privacy is my favorite word. Five points for Maslow. Sam, one of our cheerleaders needs this so much. I can’t take it if I see her again freeze-kissing’s some jackass football player at the school cafeteria. Go see for yourself Ms. Jyles. During lunch. At the side doors near the bathroom.


 He also said that we need to be independent about our culture and our nature. My head hurts when I think about what I want to say on this one. If you want to know more about our culture, then read a freaking history book. And by nature, read a boring environmental science crap thingy. You might learn in there. If you didn’t sleep at all.


The thing that I don’t get is why do we try to be self-actualized anyway? I mean, if we will try to do things the right way on everything that we do, will that make us… US? It will appear, or should I say, feel like that we live in a lie. We pretend to live in a way. We have a very meaningful life because we are all different. Not everybody can do those things at one time. Another five points to Maslow for including the fact that knowing the difference between evil and good is one step.


I’m going to sleep Ms. Jules. I don’t know why we have to write a five-page essay on this junk. Oh and sorry if my pen kept changing colors. It’s my girlfriend’s. You know Aly? I think she’s in your second period class. She forgot to return my pen. And I don’t’ have an extra so I don’t have a choice but to use it. You told us we can’t use a pencil.


 Anyway, back to my self-actualization essay.


If I were to suggest to to Maslow what makes us self-actualized.. It would have to be LOVE. Love changes everything. When you’re hit by it, you don’t think at all. Please don’t tell my buds that I wrote some heinous words as love here. They’ll think I’m cheesy again.


Oh there’s another note here on my notebook about self-actualization. It says, imperfections make us a self-actualized person. Oh well, never mind what I wrote on top. Like everything. I didn’t see that one. ROFL, I knew it! He could be right somehow. In a way.



Ayt, I’m so done with this. I’m excited on my grade.


© Xelfualizee by Jessica Concha


Cool essay right? 😀


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