Class Prophecy

As I watched the stars in the sky, memories suddenly came across my mind. I saw some familiar faces that used to be with me when we were all young.


A stunning and gorgeous lady Anne Catherine Bernadette Capistrano was the one who is industrious, intelligent, God-fearing and intelligent. Her intelligence will lead her to be one of the best Architects and Fashion Designer who models her own works.


With a great sense of humor and a generous heart, I can see Clint Ashley Domingo as one of the successful Businessmen and Engineers. His ability to make everyone laugh because of his interpersonal skills will help him in managing his business.


 Whenever I hear the phrase “Math Wizard”, my mind immediately picture Joel Esquivel Jr., a gentleman who has a heart of gold even though he’s arrogant at times. Whenever trouble comes across our class, he is always there to save us. With this attitude, I foresee him as one of the friendliest and reliable Engineers while his strength and agility can lead him to the world of basketball.


 A guy who is devoted to God is very admirable, among my friends, I can name Rigilkent Paul Estrella as one. The Lord had given him talents such as the ability to dance gracefully and the dexterity of his hands in playing a guitar. I can clearly see him as a talented preacher and surgeon who dedicates all his hardships for his family and most especially to the Lord.


 Adrian Joseph Gaddi, a gentleman who is innately intelligent. He is the class’ dictionary. He might be moody at times, yet he is always there to help whenever you have problems regarding your computer. You can likely depend on him. With this, I can foresee him as one of the best Computer Analysts.


Juzsper Avery Gimeno, a guy who is simple and carefree. He doesn’t care about what others might think of him. His fighting spirit will lead him to the world of Lawyers. I can see him as a lawyer who fights for what he thinks is right.


 The class’ boy next door, Carl Joshua Marcial is someone you can rely on. His ability to speak confidently will surely lead him to be a Certified Public Accountant. Carrying his sense of humor and good looks, I see him as a model that has a lot of fans.


Alliana Marie Mendoza, a petite lady who is fond of reading books. With her passion in writing and patience in reading, I foresee her as one of the best writers. She will write books which every person would want to read and have while her skills in drawing can also lead her to be a great Architect.


A devoted worshiper of God, Paola Andrea Mendoza, she has a great voice which she always use to worship God. Her faith will lead her to the success that she longs to achieve. I can see that she will be a lovely Pediatrician for she is fond of children. The talent in singing she has will lead her to be a vocalist of a Christian Band.


Someone who is organized and patient is Luis Jhoshua Padilla. He is a gentleman who is respectful and caring. His ability to face the crowd confidently will open him a route as a dignified Lawyer.


The campus’ best friend is Earvin John Parulan. He is a gentleman at heart. His congeniality will lead him to be a successful Businessman and a distributor of Silver Swan products in the whole region III.


Angelica Pascual will always carry herself with a great assurance in life. She is a committed follower of God. I can see her as a prosperous Pharmacist and a very loving mother.


 A person who has a passion in cars is Jonathan Lawrence Sergio. He is a man with few words who is indeed knowledgeable. The Lord had given him a great talent in drawing. I foresee him as one of the known Cartoonists. With a great passion in cars, I know that he’ll be a famous racer.


Paula Faye Turado, a talented lady who is the most responsible student in our class. She is one of the friendliest person I ever met. Her patience and passion in studying will help her achieve the career she dreams of. She has a gift of gab which will eventually lead her as a world renowned news anchor. The sound of my car brought me back to my senses, I bid my farewell to those familiar faces.


As I got up, I found myself leaping through time. I saw a girl who is high-spirited. She had a passion for church music which led her to the world of praise and worship team. She passed through her own journey towards life and God. There are people who passed by her life, while some retained and continued loving her. Her experiences led her to what she is right now. She is now a successful Businesswoman who always shares whatever things she can share to other people. She is now satisfied with her life and now, that girl is reminiscing who she was before; that girl who was once a weak, dependent and stubborn is now a strong, independent and witty young lady, that girl is I – Faith Hanna Mendoza.


Faith Hanna Mendoza


January 2013



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