I was once blinded by LOVE

Once in a person’s lifetime, everyone finds this one perfect person whom they fall hopelessly in love with and live happily ever after. Although this kind of stories only happen in a dream or fantasy, people still hold on to their dreams to stay with the person the love.

While looking in my own reflection in water, I suddenly remember the times when I used to hold my phone for some important call. Whenever our late-night conversation starts, the music in my head starts to play also, but now, I can barely hear the music and it’s starting to fade.

Our conversation lasted until the month of January. Suddenly, the class were gone the messages were gone too and the old him was gone forever. I can feel the pain in my body and it slowly kills me. Should I fight for him or should I let him go? Why can’t I answer those questions? Why am I crying just to look for the answer? What’s this all about?

Many people have said, “Love is seeing an imperfect person perfectly.” Well, for me, he is far from being perfect. There’s something in him that captivates my heart. What’s so good about him anyway? Is it his smile? Is it his face? Is it his attitude? I don’t know, but I am falling hard, a little harder more each day.

Love changed the way people think, act and decide. But what’s with love that people keep holding on? Is it simply the person or the memories they share with?

I found pain and happiness in love- but it doesn’t matter now, happiness in every simple moment with him and pain that slowly kills me inside. Nevertheless, this experience made me a stronger person. Falling in love is really a complicated thing.


Faith Hanna Mendoza

August 31, 2012



I don’t speak or write fluently in English so sorry for the grammatical errors. 😛 Enjoy!

This one is dedicated to my ex-boyfriend :))) hahaha. 


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