Hoboken Councilman Coordinates Tornado Relief Efforts With Oklahoma Church

CBS New York

By Julie Parise, CBSNewYork.com

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — When the deadly twister struck Moore, Okla., taking 24 lives and robbing nearly every family in its path of their homes, possessions and irreplaceable memories, the Internet lit up with wishes and prayers for all those affected by the monstrously destructive storm.

But the survivors need more than prayers.

Upon seeing the heartbreaking devastation play out on his television screen, Tim Occhipinti, a Hoboken councilman, started making calls. Eventually he reached a Wal-Mart in Oklahoma City.

The store’s manager connected Occhipinti with Sam Walker of Crossroads Church in Oklahoma. The church had begun to set up a makeshift relief center for parishioners and survivors in its 13-acre parking lot, and was in need of supplies.

With the connection made, the two got to work. Together, they set up a system which allows folks from anywhere in the country to directly contribute to…

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