Examples of my Life

Some 20 years ago I’ve made my first baby.  My wife said: “Shall we make a baby?”. “Are you kidding?” I said.  I’m always in for one of my creations.  What guy wouldn’t? So we did make a baby.  5 minutes of effort, no effort at all if you ask me personally, but then the long wait begins.

OMG, why did nobody warn me?  Where are all the guys, especially the experienced ones? Why must I wait for 9 months for the ‘product’? My new car was delivered faster. Okay, i hear you thinking, who is this? Look, I love my wife and for sure I love my girl, even the Temptations have their own girl. But, after the deed I realised I don’t like babies! And now I have to wait 9 months?

In hindsight I would have preferred the full term of 9 months.  My girl was born 2…

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