The Bible , Our Faith, and God the best that a person can have.

A spintop is a toy that can be spun on an axis, balancing on a point. It will not spin if there will be no connection to the beholder. The Spintop is consist of a top and a string. The top symbolizes people and the string represents our different connection to God. The top needs to stay connected with the string which has three parts – the knot, the anchor, and the string itself.

The knot stands for the role of the Bible. It was there to hold the strings together so that it will not separate into pieces. On the other hand, the Bible is there to hold people together, and empower them together. The Bible links up people, so that people will not separate from God.

An anchor is an object attached at the end of the string. At some time “tanzan” is attached into it. The anchor portrays God, people must be anchored to God. They need Him in their lives, for He knows what’s the best He can give them. Everyday is a blessing, and he provided everything for them. Eventhough some may not appreciate what he has done, and others thinks that God is depriving them of everything. Those people who stayed anchored with him will not experience pain or rejection. Blessings come everyday, more blessing will come for those who stick with Him.

People needs to build their faith, for a life without faith means a life without God. A string is a tie used to attach something. It represents the faith, a string that serves as a connection to God. As faith goes deeper, people will have a stronger foundation to God. It is important thing in people’s life. If one exercise his faith, the louder he sings for God.

Everyone must be connected to the Lord. He sees people at his best and he had done everything for them. The Lord wants us to stay connected with him. Even through the smallest deeds that we can do to hep him spread his words. I always stand for a quote which was given by my teacher, it says that , It is not happiness that gives us contentment it is the faith that keeps us connected to the Lord. The Bible , Our Faith, and God were the best that a person can have.

Sorry if it’s not good I tried my best that’s all I know! God Bless you!


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